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Digital Cocoon

The installation ‘Digital Cocoon’ invites viewers to enter into a dark space, where skin-like textile structures are suspended, lit only by digital projections of a series of images of leaves. The semi transparent burnt fabric both reflects and lets the light through the fire-made lacerations and multi-layered textures, in an intricate play of shadows and lights.

The collaborative project of Ekaterina Adelskaya and Liubov Kalashnikova ‘digital cocoon’ reflects on the namesake social trend, whereby individuals refrain from physical social interaction, retreating into an isolated world made up exclusively of virtual communication.


Drawing from the natural process of metamorphosis, the artists show the flip-side in cocooning, where human existence is reversed, from a butterfly, back to a state of isolated larvae-like immobility.

Medium: Burnt polyester textile, digital projection

Dimensions variable

Year: 2020

LEAK/ Collaborative of Ekaterina Adelskaya and Liubov Kalashnikova

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