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On The Edge Of Fluidity

On the edge of fluidity is a process-based work that explores the sculptural potential of water and clay. The artist deliberately combined unfired clay with liquid in order to produce a poetic and performative fragmented sculpture, reflecting on the notions of matter, time and decay.


The sculpture’s physicality has a visceral impact on viewers, almost like a meditation, resonating with their personal associations and experiences, whereas black plastic ponds create seemingly artificial micro-spaces, around which visitors are invited to peer.

Some spectators can find analogies with myths about the ‘creation of man from clay’. Others might think about the transient quality of human existence, the afterlife, and even the studies on decomposition conducted in the so-called ‘body farms’.


Medium: Water, clay, plastic ponds, soil

Dimensions: 5000 x 2500 x 300 mm

Year: 2019

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