Trees Fell, Waters Blackened

In "Trees Fell, Waters Blackened"  I apply the earliest known pigments in human history, namely earth pigments (iron oxides) and charcoal (carbon blacks), on modern industrial polyester fabrics. My abstract textile sculpture is painted with handmade pigments and carved by fire, where the burnt textile hardens and transforms into a plastic lace, blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture, natural and man-made, ancient time and the contemporary world. My artwork’s physicality lead to a particular sensorial experience, aestheticising the fragility of life. I invite the audience to reflect on whether this is the time when technological progress increases the cross-contamination of the environment with synthetic particles (pollution, micro-plastics in human tissues, coral bleaching); or wether this is a new age of adapting, gene changes and unknown life forms.

Medium: charcoal and earth pigments on burnt artificial silk

Dimensions: 96 x 120 x 35 cm

Year: 2021